Close-up Card Magic has 34 ratings and 1 review: Published by Louis Tannen, pages, Hardcover. Close-Up Card Magic [Harry Lorayne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Close-up card magic [Harry Lorayne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A collection of playing card magic routines by Harry Lorayne.

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Calculated Risk – This is just Dai Vernon’s trick that cannot be explained under the guise of a variation. So if Vernon and Cardini did not know who had originated uncredited items, it might not have been so easy to find out. The modus operandi is simple.

It’s what card magic should be, not a bunch of shuffling, cutting, dealing and messing about with indicator cards and boring plotless pick a card tricks. This is a great trick by Bill Simon.

Hi I’m not “panning” the book there are some excellent items in there, like for example “Loraynes poker deal”, “challenge aces”, “lazy mans card trick”, “push thru cllose-up, “apex ace”, “”, “through the table”. As far as not giving proper credit or documenting ideas and moves, that could be said of Tarbell, Garcia and many other authors.

Trivia About Close-up Card Magic. Cameron makes a key point. Magnetic Reversals – An interesting hwrry card, prediction, location effect by Ken Krenzel which uses an interesting placement cut which is worth remembering, Lorayne fails to credit Henry Christ for his force yet again! As before, this uses closse-up illogical cutting sequence which can easily be removed to strengthen the effect which I described above. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

He disagrees but gives no reference to allow you to make a decision. Opinions are merely that; but for me, I didn’t like it. At least when you put 3 on each you have uniformity of action, also you need close-pu do the turnover change twice in this version whereas it was only used once in the previous version.


Chango Cards – two cards change places. Learn the secrets from the masters themselves! As Dai Vernon would say “it’s bad theatre” and “there’s no reason for it”. I’m sure others will have comments about other criticisms you have made.

Also there is no by-play. At least by now we know that there aren’t going to be effect descriptions at the beginnings of Harry’s tricks, now are there? As for the length of the review, I certainly hope you went to that length to be thorough and well balanced. Open Preview See a Problem?

Tel Fax Job Opportunities Shipping Policies Click link above to send a blank email to receive dealer info. Sinceit seems to me that there has been a greater emphasis placed on crediting the originators of sleights and effects, even more so in recent years. That’s your opinion and I do not mean ckose-up invalidate it but to let you know there are people out there who think your assessment is wrong.

The trick in question being “design for laughter”.

Close-up Card Magic (Harry Lorayne)

Whether a person likes something or not is purely a personal thing. Bryan rated it it was amazing Jul 22, Braue Addition and Switch.

I can assure you when this came out it was a great book for its time. The inseparable four – I get the feeling Harry Lorayne thinks the act of shuffling a deck is in and of itself entertainment enough for most spectators. This sequence is done 3 times.

Variations Card Through Table Rovi The moving pencil – An interesting psychological force which though doesn’t always work, does look extremely fair when it olrayne. I think there is more good usable material in this old book then in most new books on card magic. The idea the effect is based car to make the assembly more logical is flawed as it is just as illogical to put 3 on one ace 2 on another 1 on the next and none on the last. David Pilgrim rated it it was amazing Sep loraynw, Impossibility – Interesting way of using a key card in a face down spread but I don’t like that whole pick a card and I find it premise on which the effect is based.


I tried to be as honest as possible in the review and there lies the trouble.


This will not work for some people for clos-up simple reason of dead time. Being less experienced myself, I’m inclined to try it as written. It’s risky, but I love taking that risk. What turned me around was when someone explained the rationale behind the Ron Bauer Private Studies Series. Unfortunately, it would involve digging deep into magical history to find out who belongs to which move, and who originated what.

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Close-up Card Magic

Admittedly there are mgic number of excellent tricks in this book but sadly the number is extremely small considering the fact that the book contains 82 effects. This represents the best use of this forum, in opposition to dlose-up who complain about not having video demos of new tricks or about not getting their wallet the day they want it Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Aman rated it it was amazing Oct 15, To start off here’s an interesting quote from the Royal Road you should keep in mind while reading through the trick reviews: Based on this, and having skimmed the book, I am magix not going to buy it.

I didn’t read it, as I don’t do two deck effects.