The Gospel of Judas Poster . Das Judas-Evangelium See more» The National Geographic Channel has chronically tried to undermine Christian beliefs by. El Evangelio de Judas (Spanish Edition) [National Geographic Society, Rodolphe Kasser, Marvin Meyer, Gregor Wurst, Bart D. Ehrman] on Libros de Segunda Mano – Religión: El evangelio de judas – national geographic. Compra, venta y subastas de Religion en todocoleccion. Lote

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Gospel of Judas

Add the first question. As juads that are intertwined with the physical world, animal sacrifice and a communion ceremony centered around “cannibalism” the consumption of Jesus’ flesh and feographic are condemned as abhorrent.

While the contents of one part of the Vatican library have been catalogued and have long been available to researchers and scholars, the remainder of the library is, however, without a public catalogue, and though researchers may view any work within, they must first name the text natuonal require, a serious problem for those who do not know what is contained by the library. Polemical Aspects of the Gospel of Judas. But, for history buffs and religious scholars, this was a good look at an old document that may be greatly important.

geogrsphic There may be additional fragments of the gospel yet to be released. Unlike the four canonical gospels, which employ narrative accounts of the last year of Jesus’s life in the case of Johnthree years and of his birth in the case of Luke and Matthewthe Judas gospel takes the form of dialogues between Jesus and Judas, and Jesus and the twelve disciples, without being embedded in any narrative.

The author says that God is essentially a “luminous cloud of light” who exists in an imperishable realm. The true God is gracious and thus does not demand any sacrifice.


Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Even if it changes Christianity in no way, it changes our way of looking at the early churches and sects that sprouted up. Egyptian Dealer Monc Ed Becheikh According to Coptic scholar Rodolphe Kasserthe codex originally contained 31 pages, with writing on both sides; however, when it came to the market inonly 13 pages remained.

The content of the gospel had been unknown until a Coptic Gospel of Evangepio turned up on the antiquities ” grey market ,” in Geneva in Maywhen it was found among a mixed group of Greek and Coptic manuscripts offered to Stephen Emmela Yale Ph. She says that Bible translators have mistranslated the Greek yeographic for “handing over” to “betrayal”.

Historians Elaine Pagels evngelio Karen Leigh King argue that a more nuanced, contextualized understanding of alternative interpretations evahgelio the Christian tradition should inform discussions of Gnosticism. According to the Pope, Judas freely chose to betray Jesus: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Lift up your eyes and look at the cloud and the light within it and the stars surrounding it. Scholars are divided on the interpretation of the text. The New English Bible Mark Himself – University of Arizona Rodolphe Kasser The Gospel of Judas in Context: Gradually, humanity began to forget its divine origins and some of Adam’s descendants Cain and Abel became embroiled in the world’s first murder. She said that the Gospel of Judas contains no new historical information concerning Jesus or Judas.

Westminster John Knox Press.

Like many Gnostic works, the Gospel of Judas refers to itself as a secret account, specifically “The secret account of the revelation that Jesus spoke in conversation with Judas Iscariot The author says that they continued to practise religious animal sacrifice, which pleased the lower gods but did not help to foster a connection with the true God.

You can go to any Catholic bookstore and pick up a copy of the Gnostic gospels. The Vatican, by word of Pope Benedict XVI, grants the recently surfaced Judas’ Gospel no credit with regards to its apocryphal claims that Judas betrayed Jesus in compliance with the latter’s own requests.


Bredar as John BredarJames Barrat. In the s, the manuscript and most of the dealer’s other artifacts were stolen by a Greek trader named Nikolas Koutoulakis, and smuggled into Geneva. Pages in Scopello ed. In Aprilan Ohio bankruptcy lawyer said that he possesses several small, brown bits of papyrus from the Gospel of Judas, but he refuses to have the fragments authenticated and his report is being viewed with skepticism by experts.

During the following two decades the manuscript was quietly offered to prospective buyers, but no major library or Egypt felt ready to purchase a manuscript that had such questionable provenance.

El “Evangelio de Judas”: National Geographic Ataca al Cristianismo con una “investigación” Parcial

Yes No Report this. This article needs additional citations for verification. The previous owners now reported that it had been uncovered at Muhafazat al Minya in Egypt during the s or s, and that its significance had not been appreciated until recently. Searching For The Real Jesus: Christians may not believe them to be true, but there is no attempt to hide them.

The only copy of it known to exist is a Coptic language text that has been carbon dated to ADplus or minus 60 years. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Conflicting Integrations of a New Gnostic Gospel. Share this Rating Title: Pages in DeConick ed. The other gospels were banned.