The LIR, manufactured by LI-COR, is a silicon pyranometer that accurately Calibrated against an Eppley precision spectral pyranometer (PSP) for the. CR23X, or CR7 datalogger to an EPPLEY Precision Spectral Pyranometer (PSP). The. PSP is a high quality pyranometer used for extremely accurate solar. Eppley PSP The Eppley Precision Spectral Pyranometer (PSP) is a World Meteorological Organization First Class Radiometer, designed for the measurement of.

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Global Precision Pyranometer

The detector generates a small voltage in proportion to the epppey difference between the black absorbing surface and the instrument housing.

The graphs are generated using the JPgraph PhP library. We also have an Eppley pyranometer and an Apogee pyranometer. Since December 9,this system has been replaced by the new TINI microcontroller-based system described above.

The Working Principle of a Thermopile Pyranometer – Kipp & Zonen

The current acquisition system is built around the Maxim Tini microcontroller. Privacy Policy Update We’ve updated our privacy policy. They provide a total isolation of both the logic signal and the 5 volt supply. This model is used in numerous meteorological stations eppely the world.

Currently only one measurement is taken per minute. Our site was heavily inspired by the technical solutions and programs designed by Tim Bitson.

More recent, higher performance, pyranometers use a Peltier element. The water in the reservoir is stratified i. The Apogee pyranometer and the Eppley pyranometer not shown in the picture produced measurements which were different from the three Eppley PSP, which shows that pyranometer can be affected by drift. Contrarily to the Eppley PSP orthe Apogee pyranometer is equiped with silicon photovoltaic cell.


This solution was later abandoned because the datalogger crashed periodically for a pyranomwter that could not be determined even with the help of RESOL.

Generally, pyranometers are installed horizontally.

Temperature measurements in the hot pyranometerr tank: A DC-DC charge pump converter and a regulator provide the necessary voltage for the op amps from a epp,ey power adapter. This exchanger transfers the heat transported by the pressured gas to a second fluid which is glycolated water and which serves to convey the heat from the collector into the tank through the coil located in the lower half of the reservoir and a pump.

CRC Press, pp.

Weatherproof anodized aluminum case with acrylic diffuser and stainless-steel hardware; O-ring seal on the removable base and cable assembly. We have taken the option to acquire several Eppley PSP pyranometers and to compare them. Our SMP pyranmoeter of Smart pyranometers have the same detectors as the equivalent CMP models but with built-in digital signal processing and performance enhancement, and therefore they require external power to operate.

Overview The LIR, manufactured by LI-COR, is a silicon pyranometer that accurately monitors sun plus sky radiation for solar, agricultural, meteorological, and hydrological applications. Since November 14,we have put the PCI E card back into operation, but this time we have set up our own temperature sensors Pt RTD sensors next to those installed by Viessmann.


The resulting increase of temperature is measured via pyranoneter connected in series or series-parallel to make a thermopile. The control and data acquisition of our solar energy system evolved over time.

Another possibility is to compare several identical pyranometers. These are chips that integrate a set of several digital isolators together with a dc-to-dc converter. The measured irradiance is greater than that which epplsy be provided if the pyranometer was placed horizontally. epppley

Chaleur produite par le capteur solaire (heure par heure)

Despite their different ages attested by their serial numbers, we observed virtually no drift in their calibration. The top half of the tank is heated by central heating, as with a conventional system.

Measurements are taken every 10 seconds and at the end of each minute, the average of the 60 measurements is calculated pyrano,eter stored. Moll drew the attention of scientists to this thermopile.

To maintain performance, recalibration is usually recommended every two years, and a high quality water-proof connector for the signal cable greatly simplifies the process.