I documents stored in a database and am using Docx4j to convert them to PDF (doc -> docx -> pdf). It would be helpful to have the. I need to convert a doc file to pdf. I tried using POI to convert it first then using Docx4J to convert to pdf, but I got the error at the line. This page provides Java code examples for 4j. of DOCPROPERTY fields FieldUpdater updater = new FieldUpdater(pkg); (true);.

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Generally, you’ll also need to add a reference to the part using its relationship id to the Main Document Part.

If there are any images in the docx, you’d also need to add to your classpath: When you open a docx document using docx4j, docx4j automatically unmarshals the contents of each XML part to a strongly-type Java object tree the jaxbElement. ImageJpegPart] docx4j includes convenience methods to make it easy to access commonly used parts.

Convert Document to PDF – for Java – Documentation

Please see the docx4j forum at http: Dof you add a part this way, it is automatically added to the source part’s relationships part.

TblFactory provides an easy way to create a simple table.

Recent versions of docx4j also support Powerpoint pptx files and Excel xlsx files. The FontMapper interface is used to do this. Docx4j is for processing docx documents and pptx presentations and xlsx spreadsheets in Java.


The extension can also be used to process a docx which is embedded as an altChunk. These fonts come from 2 sources: On a Windows computer, font names for installed fonts are mapped 1: To actually enable logging, log4j usually requires a log4.

Supporting jars can be found in the. There are a few limitations however in dox JAXB reference implementation: The code can be found in: The two to try both discussed in detail further below are: These include, on the package: Sometimes you will want to marshal or unmarshal things yourself. The parts form a tree.

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If you want to tell docx4j to use a different font, you need to add a font mapping. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. For further details, please see the SdtWriter class.

This XML can take 2 basic forms: Set this to true to disable do docx4j. See Javadoc for other signatures. As a developer, you 3 options: Abstract form – ISEE. In this case, the image is not embedded in doocx4j docx package, but rather, is referenced at its external location.

Specific to docx4j as opposed to pptx4j, xlsx4j: An effective approach is to use OpenOffice via jodconverter to convert the doc to docx, which docx4j can then process. When you open an existing document in Word, and select text in a particular font, the actual font you see on the screen won’t be the font reported in the ribbon if it is not installed on your computer or embedded in the document.


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The type is not accessible due to restriction on required library rt. So if you want to use this feature, you need to install ImageMagick. If you choose promotion, your options include: Updating it again with current JAXB 2. Support for new Doccx4j features will be added soon.

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HtmlExporterNG2, anything which is not dc will be obvious in the output document. The XML we are looking to create will be something like: XmlRootElement Most commonly used objects have an XmlRootElement annotation, so they can be marshalled and unmarshalled.

If you need to be explicit about the type, you can use: You can get them from the binary distribution, or via maven. To add a part, see the section Adding a Part below. Architecture Docx4j has 3 layers: Docx4j’s BinaryPartAbstractImage class contains methods to allow you to create both embedded and linked images along with appropriate relationships.

If you do, it will list the hierarchy of parts used in that package.