I have read there is no really clean way to convert them but at this point I need what ever I can get. We were part a group of companies that ran. They tried to convert to AC, which was why I was hired. I was told that the soft plan file is in 2-d and it is in DWG format. i tried to open the file. PDF convert to DWG into softplan SPD. anyone know how to convert a PDF to a DWG so we can import into softplan and what about SCALE? need this because .

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Perhaps you are exporting brick and concrete textures and turning them off would satisfy them. Design a 3D project is very difficult for beginners like me.

Not very easy to use for small commercial. Easy to paint and add texture to elevations or 3d. Designing fonvert drawing can be done smoothly and there isn’t much lag problem either Cons: John B “You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a convet need to believe.

I was hoping to find someone who has already crossed this bridge who could assure me that it could be done without any issues. Thank you, cknvert you, thank. Great tool to design commercial and residential projects. Learning curve was too long Expensive updates needed on a regular basis Difficulty in doing certain things. Bill is the owner and maintainer of SoftPlanTuts. View full list of 3D Architecture Software.


Hey Steve, the fix could be simple or it may be more complex. Foundation stepped pony walls easiest way. It may be that he charges by the hour and he wants to pad the bill. SoftPlan by SoftPlan Systems. Learning curve was too long Expensive updates needed on a regular basis Difficulty in doing certain things Overall: Updates should be a bit cheaper.

It could be something as simple as he doesn’t like your line colors and covnert doesn’t know how to change them. Or the whole floor plan has move right into the center of the title. If you have a technical question, please find the appropriate forum and ask it there.

Customer support is not good. Not Likely Extremely Likely. It can be very time consuming. Thanks on the dormer walls. I am a registered architect practicing for last 30 years in large and small offices.

PDF convert to DWG into softplan SPD

Easy of use and professional. SoftPlan Features Architecture Features. SoftPlan is easy to use, scales well, and is feature rich.

Customer support Professional looking drawings Ability to draw any plan Easy of making changes, adds, deducts etc. Designing and drawing can be done smoothly and there isn’t much lag problem either. Once we absorbed it fully, it worked very well for us. After you find out what the problem is you are welcome to upload a sample drawing here and I’ll try to help you figure out how to address his needs. So, when you get a whole bunch of text from a schedule getting stuck half way over another schedule it drives you crazy.


I have to go through and select each item and move them to the right layer. Tp forgot to add that you also. Scaled Plot Plans can be hard to create correctly unless you do it often.

Don’t ever work conert ME10!

SoftPlan to Dwg conversion | SoftPlanTuts

Customer support is lacking. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

If there are any known issues with this transition I would like to know up front. Electrical plan, Plumbing Riser Plan. Software runs fast on a basic desktop computer. Login to Give a bone. SoftPlan to Dwg conversion.

Adding 2nd Floor system. Very easy to use 2D. Soft;lan back to drawing mode. Ability to draw my own plans in a time frame that fit my needs without waiting for others to do the drawings.