In order to make ordinary humans realise the mercy of the Lord, Bhumi devi made a descent & assumed the avatar. According to the hindu Almanac the exact . Stream Sri Andal Thiruppavai free online. Thiruppavai – 30 Divine songs on Lord Naraya by Sri Andal. It is a continuing tradition in the Tamil Month of Margazhi. Andal’s divine composition, known as Thiruppavai, is recited by Vaishnavites all over the world, during this holy month (Margazhi, in Tamil, Margashirsham.

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Andal’s hairstyle and ornamentation are unique to Kerala.

Wikimedia Commons thiruppavaai media related to Andal. Lord of wondrous deeds, prince of Mathura, abiding in the banks of the pure Yamuna river, the sacred light that took birth in the shepherd’s community, who by your very birth glorified the womb of mother Yasoda, whose belly was tied with a string damodara.

As days passed Aandal loved the Lord like a Gopi and had an intense desire to mingle with the Lord. He and his wife named the child as Kothai, who grew up as a devotee of Kannanan avatar of Perumal.

Aandal in turn would place the garland that she had worn in the basket for Perialwar to take it to adorn the Lord. The flower garden in which Aandal is termed as a golden vine which belongs to the clan of Perialwar, in conjunction with the Lord of Srirangam who is described as a sandal wood tree which hosts the golden vine, the incarnation of Bhooma devi, the divine Aandal who displayed the mercy of PeriyaPirati, I Desikarwho does not have any means, offer my salutations.



Tiruppavai belongs to that rare category which was sung as a result of the blessing of her guru her father. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangam. The birds are up and anda, and did you Aandal’s female companions not hear the sound from the great white conch emanating from the temple where the Lord of the king of birds Garuda resides?

She was also known as ‘Kothai’. The Financial Times Anda. Representations of her next to Vishnu are present in all vainava temples.

Andal – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on 5 July Temples of Tamil Nadu. Amuktamalyada describes pain of separation viraha experienced by Andal, who is described as the incarnate of Lakshmi the consort of Vishnu. Andal has sung in praise of eleven holy sites: Is it possible for a girl of xndal to achieve such a feat and the answer would be yes if the blessings of Sathguru be made available. In one of her poems, Andal says that her voluptuous breasts will anval for the Lord alone, and scorns the idea of making love to mortal beings, comparing that with the sacrificial offering made by Brahmins being violated by jackals in the forest, [40] and thirppavai another verse she dedicates her swelling breasts to the Lord who carries a conch.

So, chant 30 Paasurams – each 1 Paasuram for 30 days. Andal, a woman saint ninth century Andsl wondered if she could make an ideal bride for the Lord and hence started adoring the garlands made by Perialwar on a daily basis.

The temple is associated with the life of Andal, who, according to legend, was found by Periazhwar under a Tulsi plant in the garden inside the temple. Such worship shall burn our past sins and the ones to be committed in future much the same way cotton burns when it comes in contact with fire. ThiruppavaiNachiar Tirumozhi. The pure heart and the intense devotion of Aandal finally prevailed and helped her attain the Lord.


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திருப்பாவை – 30 பாடல்கள்-பாடியவர்: எம்.எல். வசந்தகுமாரி

In tamil, Kothai literally means one who has curly hair and ‘Godha’ in Sanskrit means one who is dear to the Lord.

Retrieved 19 September Mortals of this planet, listen to the things that we have to do to satisfy the vow of worshipping the lord through the whole thirupavai this month that we have undertaken.

Telugu Collection for the British Library. As time passed, her resolve strengthened and she thought constantly about marrying Ranganathar of Thiruvarangam the reclining form of Perumal.

Andal composed two literary works, both of which adnal in Tamil verse form and express literary, philosophical, religious, and aesthetic content. Hence the place has also got the name Kaliyuga Vaikuntham and Lord here is referred to as Kaliyuga Prathyaksha Daivam.

So, chant the Paasuram and get the blessing of the Perumal and Kodhai completely. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.