The Alimak raising method consists of five steps, which together make up a cycle. The five steps are all dependent on the Raise Climber, which. ALIMAK INC. – Alimak Raise Climber. Operating height (m): . Operating width (m): Platform dimensions: m x m. Maximum length. In underground mining, a raise refers to a vertical or inclined excavation that leads from one level, or drift, to another. A raise may also extend to surface. There are four excavation methods for raises: Conventional or open raise; Long- hole or drop raise; Alimak ยท Raise boring.

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Raise Mining Raise mining is a “longhole” method of bulk mining tabular narrow vein ore bodies.

This advantage is easily visualized if one imagines the hangingwall as a fractured beam or plate. The method works best if the ore boundaries can be interpolated between adjacent raises. Ore passes and ventilation shafts totalling m. The language you choose must correspond to the language of the term you have entered. It is also quite common that the clkmber holes in the raise mining method are smaller than in regular stoping, which will spread the explosive energy more evenly.

We have a solid reputation when it comes to employing the safest and most productive techniques available. Once the climber nests are established, ore starts to flow.

Specialists in Alimak Raising

Inclined pressure shafts totalling m. Inclined pressure shafts totalling Drill holes extend ckimber just less than half way to the next raise and are oriented slightly down from horizontal.


Access a collection of Canadian resources on all aspects of English and French, including quizzes. More Selectivity The short drill holes make this method rajse effective in narrow veins. The advantages of this mining method are: The Raise Climber operates with almost surgical precision. Our Commitment Manroc Developments Inc. This step is often required where rock fill is used. This step is done once the stope is completely blasted. It is often best to leave ore in the stopes while blasting because of the support it gives.

Mining Equipment and Tools [1]. This improves drill accuracy coimber, in conjunction with the better ground control, reduces dilution substantially. Cables can be installed right up the middle of the hangingwall, where they will do the most good. The raise climber consists of a cage for the crew, with a working platform on top for roof scaling and drilling and charging of alinak.

ALIMAK INC. – Alimak Raise Climber

The Raise Climber serves both as working platform and as a means of transport up to the work face. Our full team of experienced Raise Miners, Supervisors and Managers, ensure your project is carried out meticulously, while meeting all budget and time constraints. Experience has shown that the stopes mined with a raise climber tend to be more stable than regular longhole open stopes.

The machine, equipped with rack-and-pinion drive, travels along a guide rail and monorail with pinion rack, which are bolted to the hangingwall by expansion bolts. Intuitively, geometry favors raise climber mining, in that access is gained to the centre of the stope hangingwall where the ground support does the most good. Clinber the raise is driven it often must be rehabilitated, subject to ground conditions, for the safety of production crews.


Alimak raise climber (4) | Rubicon Minerals | Flickr

Better Ground Control Cables can clmber installed right up the middle of the hangingwall, where they will do the most good. Backfill Fill fence and piping if required.

Ground support follows development and production drilling follows right after that. Alimak clikber are in operation throughout the world, developing ore passes, ventilation shafts, main shafts, and others, at various inclinations and lengths.

The graph is divided into areas that have been delineated by observed stope behaviour. The climber nests are always in the hangingwall. Less Cost With less development, faster ore access, better ground control, and faster overall mining, it is easy to see how raise mining will cost less than regular open stoping. Faster Overall Extraction With better ground control, larger stopes can be taken.

There is aliimak considerably less waste development with raise mining than with regular open stoping. Stope stability decreases with increasing hydraulic radius, so it can be deduced that a long thin opening will be more stable than a squat opening of the same area, with all else remaining equal.

Fill fence and piping if required. Manroc routinely applies rigorous maintenance programs and checks on all our Alimak equipment ensuring the safety of all individuals. The production drill sits in the middle of its work, cutting the drilled length in half.