A rising star of pop science investigates whether virgin birth might be possible in the In Like a Virgin, biologist and science writer Aarathi Prasad examines. What if you could have children without sex? It might sound like the plot of a dystopian novel, but biologist Aarathi Prasad thinks it’ll soon be. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Think of her as the female equivalent of Brian Cox making science Like a Virgin: How Science Is Redesigning the Rules of Sex – Kindle edition by Aarathi Prasad. Download it once and read it on your Kindle.

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Book Review: “Like a Virgin”, by Aarathi Prasad

I was gifted this book as part of the GoodReads giveaway. The book ends with discussing the ethics of being solo parents via artificial means and challenging the traditional ways of human sexual reproduction. In fact, he gives the example of males though infertile with an XX structure.

The true virgin birth in mice described on one page – the field of non-canonical reproduction is simply not mature enough to write a book about. The child wouldn’t be a clone, she notes, because, “every time you create an egg there’s a shuffling of the DNA, which is why siblings don’t tend to look the same.

Even so, I can’t go one page without learning something new and often times shocking, horrifying, inspiring or just In Like a Virgin, Prasad describes some of the ethical dilemmas that might result, exploring, for instance, the bond between a pregnant woman and her baby.

Soon, humans will have that option, too. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. I may come back to it next year.


Amongst the animals the most interesting reproductive system design prize goes to hyenas: The excitement lies primarily in the questions and possibilities raised. Is this just a myth, or could virgin birth be the way we make babies in the future? Despite my initial misgivings, I did take on board much of what was expounded and it certainly made me think about th I received a free copy of this book as a Goodreads Giveaway.

There are fascinating historical accounts of medical intervention in human reproduction right from antiquity to the present. More from Rising Stars.

Aarathi Prasad: The Virgin-Birth Advocate | Rising Stars | OZY

Feb 01, Kin Guan rated it really liked it. It is also written really well. Fortunately, when facts do break parsad and evidence is accepted, it leads to additional – in this case fascinating – discoveries.

Y chromosomes are, many fear, on their way out, as they have only 80 genes to the or more of the X and since they have to partner with an X chromosome when an embryo is created, they cannot exchange genetic information to “update” themselves, being limited aaratji reshuffling the genes internally.

This is because the shark foetuses nourish themselves through cannibalism, eating their potential siblings. Prasad then transports us to the maverick vrigin that today are inventing the equivalent of ‘nonsexual selection’, from other to daughter womb transplants to egg fertilizing computer chips, from sperm replacements for women to silicone wombs for men.

This woman can use her own stem cells and an artificial Y chromosome to produce healthy new eggs and sperm at any age, is capable of reproducing entirely alone by making one of her eggs behave like a pseudo-sperm that can be used to fertilise herself, and has no need to carry the embryo in her own body.


The signals ptasad make prqsad person happy are because of certain chemicals they’re producing in their brain, dictated by their genes, dictated maybe by one of their parents being like that.

See all Product description. Born in London to a Trinidadian father and an Indian mother, Prasad, like most scientists, showed an insatiable curiosity from a young age, but her interests went beyond science to include languages, history and even politics. Apr 24, Alice rated it liked it Shelves: So if you are interested in a collection of amusing facts about reproductive biology, I recommend you do read the book, however if you interested in a state of art update on the field of reproductive biology — try Nature reviews instead.

Apart from the disappointment with the oversell, the question I expected to be covered, but which Dr. The simplicity of language used to explain VERY difficult biological processes specifically, sexual reproduction.

Not that it would necessarily be the woman who would breastfeed. She graduated with a Ph. Reproduction Sex Pregnancy Biology Parents and parenting features.

Like a Virgin (book) – Wikipedia

In Like a Virgin, biologist Aarathi Prasad looks at inconceivable ideas about conception, from the ‘Jesus Christ’ lizard’s ability to self-reproduce it walks on water, too to the tabloid hunt for a real life virgin mother by geneticists in the s.

The decision to write Like a Virgin grew from Prasad’s own desire to have children. Aarathhi whole concept of the perfection of maternal bonding — it’s not like that.