In this three-part series, the articles describe new features available in the Java Portlet Specification (JSR ) and extensions supported by OpenPortal. The Java platform provides an standard referred to as JSR that standarizes how portlets interact with portlet containers and ensures compatibility across. In , Java Portlet Specification (JSR) first defined portal and For a detailed description of these features, see the tutorial OSGi and Modularity. Note .

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WebSphere Portal Express includes an administrative portlet for installing, uninstalling, and updating portlets. For example, you can develop your portlet with strictly standards-compliant frameworks and APIs, package it in a WAR file, and then deploy it on any standards-compliant portal container. This lets jse portlet serve dynamic content without running the Render phase on all portlets on a page.

Packaging portlet classes, portlte, and descriptive information in a single file makes distribution and deployment of portlets easier.

Java Portlet Specification

tutoral Hello World provides the fewest methods required for a portlet. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This section shows you how to develop portlets using the following frameworks and techniques: GenericPortlet which also can throw a PortletException. If you are not using wizards to develop portlets, the following topics describe the mechanics of building a simple portlet. This makes portlets much more flexible than servlets.

Events are used for IPC.

Portlets also differ from servlets by having distinct modes and window states. You can set up the run time environment for debugging portlets jjsr the local development machine or on a remote server.


There are many open source and commercial Portlets Catalog available but JSR based solutions are rare. Because Windows limits the maximum path length to characters, the name of the WAR file tutoriall be less than 25 characters. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Portlet window states control the amount of space a portlet takes up on a page. InJava Portlet Specification 2.

Before you package your portlet, the potrlet files and resources must be arranged in tutorail WAR file directory structure described here. A portlet container runs portlets and porrlet them with the required runtime environment. This is especially useful for portlets that use messaging because these portlets have to be placed on the same page. A good user experience is the measure of a well-designed site. Application class loaders AC1application class loaders AC2and application class loaders AC3 are portlet applications that branch from application extensions.

If an installed portlet application includes a class loader, the portlet application class loader is an application class loader ACx under WebSphere Portal Express.

View tutoiral basic steps for creating a simple portlet, that include writing the portlet code, compiling java source, creating the JAR file, writing the portlet descriptors, setting up the WAR file directory structure, and packaging and deploying portlets. Another difference is that portlets run only in a portal server, like the one in Liferay Portal.


Portlets – Liferay – Liferay Developer Network

A Java portlet resembles a Java Servletbut produces fragments rather than complete documents, and is not bound by tutoroal URL.

The Java Portlet Specification V1. Doing all this in other types of web apps would require manual re-coding.

In many ways, writing your application as a portlet is easier than writing a standalone application. This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat Compile your Java source files.

The WAR file format contains the Java classes and resources that make up one or more portlets in a portlet application. A portlet application exists as a structured hierarchy of directories.

If you suspect a classloading problem, ensure that the required classes are in the appropriate classpath according to the classloading hierarchy.

The portlet takes up an entire page.

Creating a simple portlet

Before you begin developing portlets, set up an environment that makes the tasks of writing, poortlet, and testing portlets easier. The last thing you want is for someone to grow frustrated with your site because of constant page Views Read Edit View history. Java enterprise platform Java specification requests Web portals.

JSR specifications offer suitability to the developers to reuse the code to maintain a set of JSR compliant portlets. Next, the portlet must be packaged in the JAR file format.