Although “weak thought”—il pensiero debole—has been around for over a quarter of a century, it is still little known in the United States. In Italy, from. il Pensiero debole has 3 ratings and 0 reviews. Da quando nella cultura italiana si è aperto il dibattito sulla crisi della ragione, attraverso di esso. Vattimo is well known for his philosophical style of ‘weak thought’ (pensiero debole). ‘Weak thought’ is an attempt to understand and re-configure traces from the.

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Refresh and try again. Altizer Paul van Buren John D. Vattimo argues that the implications for philosophy of the end of history, and therefore of modernity, are profound. Berlin and New York, ff. Essays in Honour of Gianni Vattimo. Vattimo contends that the Western postmodern experience is that of the end of history. The Being of Dasein is interpretative, and therefore the reception of traces of tradition is active, rather than passive.

However, such rebellion becomes postmodern in the context of the age of mass communication and the after-effects of the two World Wars.

Continental philosophy Phenomenology Hermeneutics. Gianni Vattimo is an Italian philosopher and cultural commentator.

Dario Antiseri, Le Ragioni Del Pensiero Debole Domande a Gianni Vattimo – PhilPapers

After the Death of God. Moreover, relativism may itself take on the appearance of a metaphysical principle. Yet the question of truth ignores the prior ontological question, for both subject and object exist. Preview — il Pensiero debole by Gianni Vattimo. This Article does not have an abstract.

These events contributed to Vattimo reconsidering his own theoretical position. The End of Modernity: TurinPiedmontItaly. Ethics Vattimo sees his philosophy of hermeneutical nihilism as having important ethical ramifications. This requires that the foundational certainties of modernity with its emphasis on objective Gianteresio Vattimo, also known as Gianni Vattimo born January 4, is an internationally recognized Italian author, philosopher, and politician.


This fragmentation is exacerbated by the society of mass communication. Ethics, Politics, and Law. pensierp


The index only lists names, unfortunately, and thus its usefulness is limited, given the richness of the volume and the repeated reference to central concepts and themes relevant to weak thought. On July 22,in response to the IDF military operation in Gaza against Hamas attacks on IsraelVattimo said he would personally like to “shoot those bastard Zionists” and thinks Europeans should raise money “to buy Hamas some more rockets. Antiphorphyry Umberto Eco 4.

Therefore, although Ll sees Verwindung as a resignation to Being, it is an ironic remembrance rather than a total acceptance of it. Many of the contributors’ names are in their own right quite distinguished and internationally well known.

Grondin’s concern is “whether hermeneutics, and thus philosophy itself, must be seen as a form of nihilism” In the ill postmodern scenario of rapidly changing values, belief systems, geopolitical boundaries and epistemological foundations, the project of one such as Gianni Vattimo is sorely needed. Find it on Scholar. Indeed, Vattimo sees the hermeneutical nihilism of the postmodern era as the result of secularisation.

il Pensiero debole by Gianni Vattimo

Political Philosophy Vattimo was a Marxist during his youth. From Heidegger to Marx.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The End of History Vattimo contends that the Western postmodern experience is that of the end of history.

History of Western Philosophy. New York and Chichester, West Sussex: Sennodipoi marked it as to-read Jul 14, Tradition is the transmitting of linguistic messages that constitute the horizon within which Dasein is thrown as an historically determined project: During that period, the profile of religion in society was growing through the Iranian Revolution and the role of Pope John Paul II in the breakdown of Communism.


Governments themselves can change through acknowledging the provisional and culturally-bound nature of thought.

Moreover, in modernity Being was reduced to the value of the new. He twists Christianity in accordance with Verwindung, yet views the message of Christianity as a stimulus. Sign in to use this feature. Nihilism and Hermeneutics in Post-Modern Culture. This horizon reflects the liberating capacity of weak thought already identified by Vattimo in as “not one point among the others but rather the place where the analyses of reality prove both their political and philosophical capacities” Indeed, it is possible to see caritas and kenosis as identical; kenosis is the message of the weakening of God, and caritas is the message of weakening as a formal principle.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Stefania Damiani added it Mar 01, Thus, the tendency to universalise and impose a single view of how the world is ordered on others is weakened. Come si diventa cio che si era and Santiago’s The Remains of Being: Hermeneutical nihilism leaves room for faith by dissolving the authoritarianism of reason.