ICC-ES AC Interim Criteria for Inspection and Verification of Concrete and Reinforced and Unreinforced Masonry Strengthening Using Fiber-reinforced. Accordance with. ICC-ES AC ADVANTAGES. DESCRIPTION/SUGGESTED SPECIFICATIONS*. The % epoxy resin and hardener are completely mixed. As such, Hilti maintains ICC-ES evaluation reports for adhesive anchors in concrete according to AC and in masonry according to AC I hope I have.

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The ACI Code provisions are not mandatory unless adopted by the local building code for the given jurisdiction. International Slurry Surfacing Association. Design Provisions Adhesive anchors were incorporated into ACI under the premise that the existing design models would be minimally affected.

The creation of the threads in the concrete gives the screw anchor some advantage in cracked concrete where a small-narrow crack intersecting the threads has only a minor reduction on tension capacity. For post-installed mechanical anchors, anchors must be qualified to the criterion in the ACI National Concrete Masonry Association.

American Iron and Steel Institute.

AC – ICC Evaluation Service, LLC (ICC-ES)

Erosion Control Technology Council. Adhesive anchor design provisions for tension were the only provisions icc-ex, necessitating new checks for concrete bond stress. National Electrical Manufacturers Association. First Name Last Name. Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply.


International Municipal Signal Association. Society of Automotive Ac08. This requirement is recognition by the ACI Code committee that adhesive anchor installation needed some oversight qualifications to achieve satisfactory installations, consistent with the written design requirements and anchor manufacturer installation instructions.

International Concrete Repair Institute. Florida Concrete and Products Association. As of 15 Januarythe following actions were taken: Standards of accredited organizations or other agencies.

British Board of Agrement.

STRUCTURE magazine | Post-Installed Anchors

Aug, By Neal S. Traffic Engineering Council Committee. Canadian General Standards Board.

Pullout failures look very much like bond failures for adhesively bonded anchors. California Department of Transportation.

Certification was deemed an important component of adhesive anchor usage, on par with certified welders for welding key structural steel connections. National Fire Protection Association. Transportation Association of Canada. They are intended to carry direct tension, direct shear, or combinations of tension icc–es shear loadings. In addition to installer certification, inspection is an important requirement required in ACI The new structural building code ACI will be re-organized based on member type.


Goods and Services Identification Number.

AC308 – Post-installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete Elements

Geosynthetic Institute Test Methods and Standards. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Based partially on the Boston Big Dig tunnel accident, the adhesive anchor installer must be certified to install anchors in certain orientations and under certain load conditions. Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario. This includes the design provisions for bond strength and concrete breakout. American Water Works Association.

Strategic Highway Research Program. AC also outlines the qualification tests required for screw anchors. In 12 years, we have codified anchorage design procedures and developed anchor qualification standards that have greatly raised the reliability bar for anchors used in practical design conditions. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. National Council Highway Research Program. Adhesive anchors were incorporated into ACI under the premise that the existing design models would be minimally affected.