proceedings to evaluate the use of patient-reported measures of HRQOL in MS. A variety of .. MSQOL may represent a barrier to its use in clinical practice. Permission to use the MSQoL instrument was requested from the original author of They translated the 18 specific items of the MSQoL into Portuguese. The MS quality of life 54 (MSQOL) is an MS-specific HRQOL inventory originally . MSQOL scale scores were assembled using the Likert method for .

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Recommendations on evidence needed to support measurement equivalence between electronic and paper-based patient-reported outcome PRO measures: The original version of 18 items from the MSQoL was translated into Brazilian Portuguese using international guidelines.

The use of patient reported outcome measures in routine clinical practice: XLS Click here for additional data file. This does not prevent the patient from receiving help to read or ho the items due to any clinical difficulties, despite being a self-assessment questionnaire. Among these, some us observed that the highest percentage of items with no response on sexual function and satisfaction with sexual function come from female patients [ 101214 ].

This version was back-translated by an American living in Brazil and then another analysis was conducted, resulting in version. Select your language of interest to view the msaol content in your interested language.

Both these scales have few items and each has only two response categories. The two-factor mswol was also adopted in order to preserve the original dimensionality of the questionnaire, together with domain interpretability. All patients were diagnosed as relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis and 33 are msol with immunomodulatory therapy Then they compared the translations and worked on the discrepancies electronically until they reached a ohw on the linguistic, conceptual, and semantic aspects, resulting in version 1.

Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of multiple sclerosis quality of life questionnaire MSQOL in a Turkish multiple sclerosis sample.

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Thus, there was no need to revise version 2, as described in the tk. Within a week of questionnaire completion, a psychologist ATexperienced at interviewing, conducted individual telephone interviews with patients—who had their completed questionnaires to hand—using a semi-structured interview guide.

Younger patients with a higher level of education, shorter duration of the disease and a first attack or benign clinical form of the disease had a better quality of life. The MS patients who participated in cognitive debriefing see below provided written informed consent to participate. Please review our privacy policy.

Although some malfunctioning subscales were identified Social Function and Health Perceptionsthey were retained as single-item subscales because of the importance of these domains as indicated by feedback from clinicians and patients. DIF assessment for polytomously scored items: Open in a separate window. Health Qual Life Outcomes. During the past 4 weekshow much of the time has your physical health or emotional problems interfered with your social activities [like visiting with friendsrelativesetc.

Translation of the Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life-54: Brazilian Version

The funding sources had no role in study design, data collection, data analysis, data interpretation, or report writing. Next, for each item, the thresholds between response categories were assessed, where a threshold is the point between two response categories at which each response has equally sue of being chosen.

As regards the size of the database of completed MSQOLs, this exceeded the minimum of compilations hos by de Ayala [ 43 ]. Did you feel overwhelmed by your health problems? One third of patients with MS will need to use a wheelchair.

The MSQOL is now being evaluated on a large independent sample of people with MS from the three geographic areas of Italy with the aim of investigating its construct and discriminant validity, reliability and responsiveness [ 1445 ]. The MSQoL was well accepted and easily administered to the study jow.

The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

Questionnaire length, and complexity of score calculation and interpretation, are recognised as main barriers to the use of HRQOL and other patient-reported inventories in everyday practice [ 213 ]. Impacts of education level and employment status on health related quality of life in multiple sclerosis patients. Received Dec 23; Accepted Mar Subscales were preserved if at least three items adequately fitted gow PCM.

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Translation of the Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life Brazilian Version | OMICS International

The translation of the MSQoL instrument to Brazilian Portuguese was completed per international recommendations [ 16 ] and other articles that used equivalent methodology [ 713 ] Ue 2. Med Glas Zenica ; 11 2: Validation of Italian multiple sclerosis quality of life 54 questionnaire. Internal yse reliability for these scales ranged from 0. Pharmaceutical Sciences Journals Ann Jose ankara escort.

In this respect, the content validity was approved. The Free and Informed Consent Form was signed by the participants in the pre-test phase. Sexual Satisfaction single-item subscale was also removed. If thresholds between two response categories are disordered, the response categories are not working as intended.

Study conducted in Bosnia and Herzegovina showed that sustained employment and development of vocational rehabilitation programs for MS patients living in the country with high unemployment level is an important mwqol in improving both physical and mental ho outcomes in MS patients Also, education seems to have some impact on HRQoL where high school or college graduates had higher physical health composite scores than patients with a low educational level These characteristics were responsible for the zero reliability and led us to exclude them from the short instrument.

Agri and Aquaculture Journals Dr. Higher values indicate better quality of life. Stat Methods Med Res.

Based on the results of the above analyses we derived the short questionnaire: