Amiel’s Journal has ratings and 14 reviews. Jessica said: I have completed my journey with Henri. I was a little sad to lose him. Of course technical. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. INTRODUCTION. IT WAS in the last days of December, , that the first volume of Henri Frederic Amiel’s “Journal Intime” was published at Geneva. The book.

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Everything which compromises the future or destroys my inner liberty, which enslaves me to things or obliges me to be other than I could and ought to be, all which injures my idea of the perfect man, hurts me mor- tally, degrades and wounds me in mind, even before- 12 AMIEUS JO URNAL. The story of his fatal illness, of the weary struggle for health which filled the last seven years of his life, is abun- dantly told in the Journal we must not repeat it here.

Amiel’s Journal: The Journal Intime of Henri-Frédéric Amiel

Last outbreak of a rebellious and deceitful self-will, crav- ing for repose for satisfaction, for independence! A plateau with fewer and fewer undulations, without contrasts and without oppositions, such will be the aspect of human society.

The days of trouble come soon enough and are many enough.

The journal was filled with insightful aphorisms about truth, society, and life in general. Ward with no publication date. The negative part of the humanist’s work is good; it will strip Christianity of an outer shell, which has become superfluous; but Euge andFeuerbach cannot save humanity. And more than this, the production, such as it was, had been a pro- duction born of effort and difficulty; and the labor squan- dered on poetical forms, on metrical experiments and intri- cate problems of translation, as well as the occasional affec- tations of the prose style, might well have convinced the critical bystander that the mind of which these things were the offspring could have no real importance, no profitable Xnessage, for the world.

Jul 05, Matty rated it it was ok Shelves: If I were a father how many griefs and vexations, a child might cause me. The pensee-vfriier is to the philosopher what the dilettante is to the artist. He is rather a soul, a breath, than a man.

Protestantism of the sincerer and nobler kind leaves an indelible impression on frdrix nature which has once sur- rounded itself to the austere and penetrating influences flowing from the religion of sin and grace ; and intim far as feeling and temperament are concerned, Amiel retained throughout his life the marks of Calvinism and Geneva. This isolation inspired the one book by which Amiel is still known, the Journal Intime “Private Journal”which, published after his death, obtained a European reputation.

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Amiel never says to himself or to others, “I know the truth now; hear me! Others which I have retained, though they often relate to local names and books, more or less unfamiliar to the general public, yet seemed to me valuable as supplying some of that surrounding detail, that setting, which helps one to understand a life.

Amiel is no doubt often guilty, as M. We were accustomed, two or three friends and I, to walk every Thursday to the Saleve, Lamartine’s Saleve aux flancs azures; we dined there, and did not return till nightfall. The skeleton was admirably put together, and excellent of its kind, and lent itself admirably to a certain kind of- analysis and demonstration; but it was a skeleton flesh, body, and life were wanting. All our senses, all our powers of mind and soul, are so many ways of approaching the Divine, so many modes of tasting and adoring God.

Conscience and the moral progress of the race these are his points of departure.

Amiel’s Journal: The Journal Intime of Henri-Frédéric Amiel by Henri Frédéric Amiel – Free Ebook

In spite of his fits of melancholy, his natural turn of mind was cheerful; up to the end he was young, a child even, amused by mere nothings; and whoever had heard him laugh his hearty student’s laugh would have found it diffi- cult to identify him with the author of so many somber pages. The first object of these reviews, no doubt, was not so much the critical apprecia- tion of Amiel as the development of certain paradoxes which have been haunting various corners of M.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: No spiritual force “more original, more universal, more fruit- ful in consequences of every sort journnal bearing, more capable of transforming and remaking everything presented to journall, has arisen during herni last three hundred years.

The statistician will register a growing progress, and the moralist a gradual decline: Having completed a course of higher education in Geneva, Amiel went abroad and then spent some years in the universities of Heidelberg and Berlin. I have just been looking through the complete works of Montesquieu, and cannot yet make plain to my- self the impression left on me by this singular style, with its mixture of gravity and affectation, of carelessness and precision, of strength and delicacy; so full of sly intention for all its coldness, expressing at once inquisitiveness and indifference, abrupt, piecemeal, like notes thrown together haphazard, and yet deliberate.


Confusion is the enemy of all comfort, and confusion is born of procrastination. We only find rest in effort, as the flame only finds existence in combustion. As long as he can hold his pen, and while he has a moment of solitude, he collects himself before this echo of himself, and converses with his God.

Amiel makes another link in a special tradition ; he adds another name to the list of those who have won a hearing from their fellows as interpreters of the inner life, as the revealers of man to himself. His style, indeed, is by no means always in harmony with the central French tradition.

Fragments d’un journal intime

O, be swift to love! Unfortunately this was the “woe is me” bane of his life- he despaired that he was never able to let himself focus on ONE thing, and so never gained the fame and wealth he could have had.

Prob- ably, too especially jourjal his later years there was a certain amount of self -consciousness and artificiality in his attitude toward the outer world, which was the result partly of the social difficulties we have, described, partly of his own sense of difference from his surroundings, and fdric again of that timidity of nature, that self -distrust, which is revealed to us in the Journal.

This first judgment is, besides, indiscriminate and severe. A mul- titude of sparks gives but a poor light. In other languages Add links. All that is particular is ex- clusive, and all that is exclusive repels me.

Philosophy, then, to return to the subject, can never replace religion ; revolutionaries are not apostles, although the apostles may have been revolutionaries. I dare not risk the loss. In his hours of intellectual concentration he freed himself from all trammels of country or society, or even, as he insists, from all sense of personality.