Courtesans and Fishcakes has ratings and 51 reviews. Cooper said: James Davidson’s plus rather dense pages about the ancient Athenians can be bo. J. N. DAVIDSON: Courtesans and Fishcakes: the Consuming Passions of Classical Athens. Pp. xxvi + , map, pls. London: HarperCollin. Cased,? Athenians, the richest and most powerful of the Greeks, were as Courtesans and Fishcakes: The Consuming Passions of Classical Athens.

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You have heard of Guns, Germs, and Steel. Try classiccal Kindle edition and experience anf great reading features: These were known as the consuming passions which Plato believed everyone from the human race was susceptible t James Davidson writes about ancient history in a very interesting and compelling way.

The frequency with which men with money or gifts are depicted approaching spinning women. Three pleasures are explored in depth. And lots of other interesting stuff.

And what was it? You couldn’t escape them, but you should regulate and control them. I finished this book through sheer force of will. You may purchase this title at these fine bookstores. In fact, that’s a central point of the author’s argument; trying to take court cases and plays and histories and dialogues that talk about food and sex, and treating them as if they’re ONLY about food and sex, A fine scholarly work that takes its subject–sex and food–quite seriously, while digging down at it in a lively manner.

Courtesans and Fishcakes: The Consuming Passions of Classical Athens, Davidson

There is nothing new under classcial sun. May 10, Jocelyn rated it really liked it Shelves: Davidson’s book opens a door into a fascinating approach to history. It’s almost never dry, and there’s a lot of great stuff in here. There has to be a way to arrange this book in a more easily readable way. I learned all about quail-tapping, which I now believe is the most hilarious gambling method ever devised.

Davidson’s Courtesans and Fishcakes is about classical Athenian sensuality. Read reviews that mention eating and drinking courtesans and fishcakes ancient greece james davidson food and drink abandons although act of love although i personally animal cries boys certain call un cinq cinq sept clearly and engrossingly cries on the web english and french french michael frenchman care goes strength hears the animal kind of itching.


The dissection and rejection of the phallocentric method of reading Athenian culture isn’t the main point of this book, but it’s done with skill and verve. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. It definitely makes me want to read more of Davidson’s work and I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in the more obscure aspects of life classical Athens. But, if you are looking for a treasure trove of personality, cultural practices and so on to Illuminating, intelligent and hilarious at times, I thoroughly enjoyed the read in the sense of a student getting a happy “belly”-full of knowledge enthusiastically delivered.

His ideas don’t stop there He seemed to make his arguments well and his sense of Athens will remain with me This is a thorough though at times repetitive book on the views of Classical Athenians on food, drinking and sex. One historian recorded a Sybaritic law that gave inventors of new dishes a year’s copyright perhaps, says one modem commentator, the earliest patent known.

Courtesans and fishcakes James N.

Theirs was, in fact, a very complicated role in a society in which adultery was punishable by death if courtesanz male citizen caught someone in the act with his wife, mother, sister, or daughter, it was legal for him to kill the offender on the spot. I will give him props for having the balls to assert, uniquely, I think, in my reading experience, that Foucault is wrong in this instance about the social significance in classical Attica of taking the passive role in sodomy.

Flute music made the Greeks go crazy like bass drops. And somehow gives me hope for democracy. It was entirely too shocking to introduce a hetaera into your wife’s home, and only a few could set up separate establishments.

Same thing with drinking: Account Options Sign in.

Courtesans and Fishcakes

The sober effort of pro-Spartans to defend scarlet cloaks as unwomanly, and accustoming men to the red of blood; long hair as making them look more impressive or making it harder to do menial labor; and large cups as containing only water — because what these things do, after all, is make the Spartans look effeminate in Athenian eyes.

Athenaeus tells us of a fish-loving painter from Cyzicus, Androcydes, who painted the sweet fare of these sweet waters in enthusiastic and luxurious detail when depicting a scene of the multiheaded monster Scylla in the early fourth century; we should, perhaps, view the numerous ancient mosaics of marine life with the same perspective we now bring to Dutch flower-paintings, not as cerebral studies in realism, but as loving reproductions of desirable and expensivecommodities.


Courtesans and Fishcakes makes for tough reading, even for someone with prior knowledge of ancient Greece. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. How’s that, you ask?

Jul 01, Stephanie McGarrah rated it really liked it Shelves: So what has all this to do with courtesans and fishcakes? Chatty, seemed longer than it fishckaes, lots of sex and fish.

Davidson looks at the social implications of desire, and how desire mediated through physical things—food, drink, sex—created tensions and conflict within classical Athenian society.

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Mar 30, Matthew Gallaway rated it it was amazing. It did make me drag out my Greek books, though. But Davidson never states anything clearly here, and he comes back to certain events over and over again, without adding anything new. Athenians, the richest and most powerful of the Greeks, were as skilled at consuming as their playwrights were at devising tragedies.

I reviewed this book for the journal, The Ancient World, but cannot find a digital text version of it. Instead, comedies and plays used pleasure as a force to unite people into recognizing their common basic instincts and the common battle of evading excess pleasure instead of dividing people on the basis of the levels of pleasure they could afford.

Courtesans and Fishcakes: The Consuming Passions of Classical Athens by James Davidson

An amazing work of linguistic, historical and literary analysis that gives incredible insights into classical Athens. Ancient and Classical History. The latter were defeated by their neighbours in and their city was razed to the ground, but stories of their fabulous riches were consumin being told at Athenian dinner-parties one hundred years later. For this reason, the rich tended toward inconspicuous consumption—and to hide their money there were scant public records of wealth.

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