ABDULLAH TUKAY’IN ŞİİRLERİNDE JAPONYA (Japan in the Poems of Abdullah Tukay). Ali Merthan Dundar. Uploaded by. Ali Merthan Dundar. Download with. Abdullah Tukay’ın şiirleri: Inceleme, metin, aktarma (Seri IV) (Turkish Edition) [ Gabdulla Tukaĭ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Abdullah Tukay is one of the most famous poets of modern Tatar literature. In the Soviet Union anyone with any interest in Tatar literature knows or must have.

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The image of Sagdy abyi in white apron, linen gauntlets and with round Tatar cap forever was kept in his memory as an example of diligence and gentleness. Freshing up in the pond under the willow at hot noon, swimming after the field work… And delighting your soul with ayran, having mixed katyk with spring water…A lot of different feelings arose in the sensitive soul of Gabdulla, a lot of impressions appeared in his life. Nobody knew what will be in the future; neither the orphan, nor abddullah pleasant coachman Alty-bish Sapyi who took him away… Uralsk with its craftsmen and traders, churches and mosques, schools and madrassahs was ahead.

Every April people warmly express admiration to their great son. HIS compassion is very deep, rely always on God!

The Magic of Tukay’s Poetry

The subject is executed in the form of a merry, scintillating with wit genre scene, in which the artist has revealed the courage and adroitness of Byltyr. Show me in this world a bright path; HE is merciful, has more compassion than your father or mother!


There were Mutygia, Racibia absullah Gainia madrassahs in Uralsk. Tukay thought it had not only a moral significance, but also a social one.

Ğabdulla Tuqay – Wikipedia

Basnmakov creates original compositions of metal using the technique of hammer-work. In April he left Kazan and had a voyage by the Volga to Astrakhan.

His stories, though small in volume, are amazingly capacious and purposeful. The Turkey press also abdullah a lot of attention to Tukay after his death.

How much time had passed! The coachman went to Sennoy market-place and offered people to take the boy for upbringing. Kamal, who was further admitted as a Tatar dramatics founder, wrote his famous comedies, and often acted the parts in performances.

Both parents became sick. Tukay worked on these publications actively, first as typesetter then as editor; his first poems were published here.

Many verses were devoted to the peasantry’s problems, resembling Nekrasov ‘s poetry. It lasted about five and a half years, which became the years of inspired service to his people, and to his motherland.

There he was discarded due his poor health and walleye and freed up of serving in the Russian Imperial Army.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Furthermore, many of his poems are written in the spirit of Islam with the view to propagate this faith. At the same time he started writing for a newspaper and began participating in the publishing of several Tatar magazines. That abfullah Tuqay departed from the social-democrats and politics generally, preferring to devote himself to poetry. It published not only telegrams, but also Russian poems devoted to Gabdulla Tukay.


Sometimes he travelled trying to get rid of dispiriting atmosphere of Kazan. However, the people had popular books of K. Those who demonstrated their devotion to Islam and proved the quality of the goods swearing on Allah carried on trade very well.

Since mid to autumn more than 50 verses were written, as well as 40 articles and feuilletons. Using the minimum of colour means, the artist still manages to achieve a complex figurativeness, The generous richness of the figurative world of Gabdoullah Tukay and the captivating wealth of the energetic and melodic style are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for masters of art.

The noble sounding of metal underlines the austerity, beauty and elegance of a diverse architecture of Kazan. Music and singing often sounded in the house of Mutygulla-hazret, an owner of the madrassah. In those years Tuqay became staunch leftist, despite of his staying with one bourgeois family for some time: The idea cultivated during the centuries in most precious masterpieces of that times was something not less than a crime what was implanted into the conscious of the folk.

Tukayif suzleri The Words of Tukayif Kazan Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

The central square of the ancient Kazan is called after Gabdulla Tukay.